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It's easy to make costly errors with DIY tax planning, more so when the regulatory goalposts keep changing. Getting your tax planning wrong can lead to unexpected and unwelcome tax bills, and you could end up with a tax investigation. To avoid unnecessary tax headaches, it's always advisable to consult with a reputable accountant with an in-depth understanding of taxation and financial planning. If you reside in Alberta, Canada, and need a strategy for your tax plan in Calgary, we at Shajani LLP are at your service. As chartered professional accountants, we have the qualifications to take the task off your hands and at an affordable fee.

An Overview Of Our Tax Planning Services And How They Can Benefit You

With us, you can stop wondering ‘what is the tax in Alberta' or ‘where can I get my taxes done in Winnipeg' as our trusted tax advisors are here to help you. Our top-rated accountants are always willing to assist you with your tax planning and offer a free consultation. We have tax consultants in Calgary, AB, who are highly knowledgeable in personal and corporate tax.

Corporate Tax Services

Since corporate tax planning is one of the most important fragments of a business's financials, we've made it an essential part of our services. Our dedicated team is always available to evaluate your compensation options related to dividends, bonuses, salary, and shareholder loans. We'll also provide you with insights on different aspects such as automobile allowance rules, dividend sprinkling, corporation loans, and estate freeze to ensure you maximize profits and reduce tax implications.

How Our Corporate Tax Services Will Benefit You

With our corporate tax services, you'll maximize your tax plans in that we'll help you pay the least possible amount of tax-acceptable. Our unbeaten tax experts will also guide you in deciding the best course of action for all your corporate income situations while making sure you access vital tax planning opportunities.

Personal Tax Services

If you're asking yourself, ‘where can I get my taxes done in Calgary?' We got you covered. At Shajani, we'll provide you with top of the line personal tax services. Our team will guide and advise you if you need to move your investment to RRSP, TFSA, or RESP, which are registered plans. Additionally, they will help you take advantage of available tax credits you might not be aware of.

How Our Personal Tax Services Will Benefit You

You can save a lot with our advice on deducting interest, capital gains, pool medical expenses, and Canada's Education savings grant. In addition, we will tell you if any of these are applicable to help minimize your tax.

Benefit From Our Tax Services And Watch Your Net Worth Grow

Planning your tax strategy can be challenging, not to mention time-consuming. Still, in the end, you might be able to maximize your profits after all the work. That is why we are here to make your life easy. When it comes to Calgary tax services, our accountants will look at your finances in a holistic way. With extensive knowledge of tax laws, our best in class CPAs consider possibilities that serve your needs. We'll also guide you through strategies concerning your tax plan in Calgary while informing you every step of the way. Contact Shajani for a free consultation with an accountant, tax expert, or bookkeeper.

Tax Plan Calgary

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Tax Plan Calgary

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