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Aggravated Assault Georgia

Aggravated Assault Georgia

Cory Yager at Criminal Defense Matters is a leading criminal defense attorney, and he specializes in aggravated assault in Georgia. Cory has helped litigate hundreds of assault cases and has over 13 years of experience in handling criminal defense cases.

What falls under aggravated assault?

In Georgia, assault and battery crimes fall under five main categories: simple assault, aggravated assault, simple battery, battery, and aggravated battery. When you strike someone using your hand or an object, and it causes physical injury to the other person, it is called assault.

An assault becomes aggravated assault if you commit it with an intent to rob, rape, or murder someone, or you use a deadly weapon or a firearm to attack someone causing them serious bodily injuries. Aggravated assault is a felony in the state of Georgia, and you must hire the services of an expert aggravated assault defense law firm to minimize your penalties and sentencing.

Penalties for aggravated assault 

When facing charges for aggravated assault, your penalty can include anywhere from 1-20 in prison (a minimum of 3 years for using a firearm from a vehicle) and probation for up to twenty years. You could pay a fine up to $100,000, and restitution.

If you are someone with one or more felony convictions in the past, the judge may order maximum sentencing. In some cases, the court can impose probation for the entire sentence, or part of the sentence after the convicted spends a certain amount of time in jail. In Georgia, anyone convicted of assault may have to pay restitution, where you will reimburse the victim for the medical expenses, property damage, and other losses resulting from the crime.

What are my plea and pre-trial options for aggravated assault?

If you are facing false convictions for aggravated assault, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible to receive a better case outcome. When you hire one of the best aggravated assault defense attorneys, he/she can investigate the case and find ways to dismiss the case before trial.

If you are found guilty, your attorney cannot fully dismiss your charges, but he/she can negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor. If plea options don't work out, your attorney will prepare a defense for your trial. If your attorney has a cordial relationship with the prosecutor, they can negotiate and make the prosecutor agree for a less serious crime. However, you have to agree for a plea of guilty for the prosecutor to offer a lesser sentence.

Schedule a free consultation with the #1 Georgia assault defense lawyer today. Contact (770) 629-9614 to reach our Alpharetta office, and (770) 629-8620 for our Marietta office. If you are facing charges for a crime, you must consult an experienced lawyer for aggravated assault defense at the early stages. Cory Yager at Criminal Defense Matters is a top-rated aggravated assault defense lawyer in Georgia, and he can fully explain to you the laws relating, and minimize your penalty for aggravated assault in Georgia.

Aggravated Assault Georgia
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Aggravated Assault Georgia
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Aggravated Assault Georgia

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