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California Lemon Law New Car

California Lemon Law New Car

California lemon law for a new car protects sellers and the drivers around them from defective vehicles. Cars and trucks are expensive. When they constantly require repair, they may be lemons. The law protects all citizens from the inherent dangers by helping owners obtain refunds and the law offices of Allen Stewart can guide your faulty product.

Does California have a lemon law?

California is one of the most progressive states in the country. The state consistently enacts environmental and consumer protections. This includes dealing with faulty vehicles.

The state law is among the friendliest in the nation. As with Wisconsin or Massachusetts new and used vehicles fall under the law. Any car or truck that fails to conform to a manufacturer’s express warranty after multiple repair attempts qualify.

Reasonable repair in California

The California lemon law sets no guideline for the number of attempts made to rectify a defect with your vehicle.  The number and severity of repairs are considered in the arbitration process.

Warranty Requirement

Massachusetts is among the most progressive states in the country considering coverage under the law. Any consumer whose vehicle fails inspection within seven days of purchase is protected.

This same qualification does not extend to California. Your vehicle must be purchased from a retail seller, covered by a manufacturer’s original warranty, purchased or leased primarily for personal, family or household purposes, and within a number of other guidelines to qualify for arbitration.

Am I protected by the California Lemon Law?

Discovering whether your case falls within the law requires careful consideration. A lawyer helps you navigate the tricky waters established by the state.

California has numerous requirements when deciding whether you qualify for arbitration. Beyond coverage under warranty, the car must be under 10,000 pounds and used primarily for business purposes.

Can I obtain a refund under California Lemon Law?

The law entitles drivers to a full refund or replacement vehicle equal to the original purchase price. If your vehicle falls under the guidelines, arbitration can lead to a complete remedy. Getting back on the road and not posing a danger to others around you crucial to your life and others.

Do I need a lawyer for arbitration?

While a refund or replacement are allowed, arbitration brings two parties together to present evidence and come to a resolution. A manufacturer can show that the criteria have not been met. The arbiter considers the weight of all information presented.

Lawyers understand how to obtain the best income in arbitration. Since the cost of arbitration is covered by participating manufacturers, there is no reason not to hire an expert.

California lemon law: new car attorney

The law offices of Allen Stewart help clients repair dangerous and difficult situations. We are successful in consumer protection and the pharmaceutical industry.

If your car or truck is constantly in the shop and under warranty, it may be a lemon. Get in touch with our team of professionals today to start the process of repairing your current situation.


California Lemon Law New Car

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California Lemon Law New Car

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