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Seattle Wa Mortgages

Why Clients Choose SMB For Seattle, WA Mortgages:

At Seattle Mortgage Brokers, we take a great deal of pride in our reputation as one of the most conscientious mortgage brokers in the region. We not only strive to make our community better through our lending efforts, we work with communities across the globe to help underdeveloped areas grow food to feed families and improve the soil conditions in areas where crops are essential to the health of those living in the region. See our ‘Why SMB’ section to learn more about our efforts in reaching out to other communities. To learn more about Seattle, WA mortgages, click our ‘Loan Products’ link.

We’re known at SMB for providing our clients with a wide range of options, starting with conventional loans. We help home buyers obtain conventional loans; and in fact, we are one of the first in the lending industry to offer 1% down with a 2% equity boost. For home buyers, this means their 1% down payment is paired with our investors’ gift of 2%, allowing buyers 3% equity at closing. To qualify, you’ll require 700+ FICO, 43% max DTI. We offer great low rates on our conventional loans and can close in as little as 30 days- sometimes even less time than that! You can learn more about our Conventional 1% Down with Equity Boost Loan by watching the accompanying video on our website.

Aside from our wide range of conventional loan options, we are also able to offer FHA loans to our clients with 0% down. This offers our home buyer partners the lowest down payment option, a good rate of interest, and a head start on building equity. Our exclusive FHA 0% Down loan features a 1st mortgage of 96.5%, secondary financing for 3.5% is automatically applied upon the 1st mortgage approval. We can loan up to $592,250 with this loan- and the 0% down is available for clients with any income. See this and our other FHA loan options, including our FHA Streamline that is available for clients with no minimum FICO requirement.

If you’ve served in the armed forces, we offer Seattle, WA mortgages with exclusive benefits. Our VA Prime Loan is available if you have a FICO score of 550 or above and provides 100% loan to value with a limit of $424,100. If you are 10% or more disabled through the VA, we will waive your funding fee on this loan. We provide refinancing opportunities for existing VA loans to help you save money with a lower interest rate and better terms.

Feel free to contact one of our agents at SMB to discuss your needs. You can apply for any of our loans right over our website or we can walk you through the process if you prefer. Let us use the resources of our vast network of lenders to help you get the funding you need to become a Seattle homeowner or refinance your current mortgage in a way that will be financially beneficial to your family.

Seattle Wa Mortgages
Seattle's Mortgage Broker - Joe Tafolla
Seattle Wa Mortgages
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Seattle Wa Mortgages

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