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Divorce Attorney Walnut Creek

Divorce Attorney Walnut Creek

Mendes Weed, LLP is a renowned tax and family law firm with a successful track record. Our divorce attorney in Walnut Creek, Lisa J. Mendes, is an excellent negotiator who advocates for the rights and well-being of her clients, their children, and the elderly. Here are some reasons why you should find a divorce attorney: 

  • Access To Legal Expertise

As someone with no prior legal experience, you may not have a thorough or detailed understanding of the different aspects of a divorce. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you understand the various steps involved in a divorce, such as the validity of the reasons, splitting assets, custodial issues, etc. A divorce lawyer can educate you on various legal aspects and help you make the right decision.

An experienced divorce lawyer can intervene and work out mutually acceptable terms in your divorce case. More importantly, they can prevent the issue from escalating and winding up in court. Family law differs widely from one state to another. Having a licensed lawyer by your side is the best way to prevent legal complications.

  • Expert Assistance With Asset Division And Custody Agreements

The division of the assets is one of the most disputed issues in a divorce. While you cannot anticipate the consequences of getting a divorce, a divorce lawyer can plan and strategize dealingl with assets allocation in the best way possible. One of the many benefits of a divorce lawyer is getting help you handle child custody, visitation rights, health insurance, retirement plans, and inheritance matters. An astute lawyer can help you negotiate pitfalls and avoid complications in your divorce case.

  • A Good Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Remain Objective

Divorces are usually stressful and can cause emotional pain and upheaval for those involved. Most people buckle under pressure and may lack the ability to assess and evaluate things objectively. The last problem you want in a divorce case is to squabble over the petty issues and lose sight of the big picture. Hiring an attorney can prevent your divorce from getting ugly and nasty and ensure a smooth, stress-free, and seamless transition for you and your children. Our attorneys handle each case with the utmost sensitivity and go to great lengths to ensure that your children do not get dragged into the mess.

We understand how most clients keep questioning themselves - Should I hire a divorce lawyer? Our attorneys are open to answering the divorce lawyer questions you may have for them and can walk you through our working mechanism and our strategy for handling your case.

You longer have to search the internet for answers to how to hire a divorce lawyer. Get in touch with us at 925-390-3222 to hire the best divorce attorney in Walnut Creek to handle your case. Mendes Weed, LLP, makes divorce litigation less stressful for those involved in it and makes it a smooth process. While you take the time to cope with the mental and emotional pain involved in a divorce, we work hard on your behalf to protect your rights and interests.

Divorce Attorney Walnut Creek
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Divorce Attorney Walnut Creek
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Divorce Attorney Walnut Creek

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