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Free Bankruptcy Consultation Southern Maryland

Free Bankruptcy Consultation Southern Maryland

When you need sound advice regarding mounting debt, contact The Law Office of Daniel J. Guenther for a free bankruptcy consultation in Southern Maryland. Oftentimes, the best solutions are right in front of us, yet we may still fail to recognize them or even have misconceptions about their value. Filing for bankruptcy is a legal and ethical way to resolve a debt issue that has become an overwhelming financial problem for your household. Attorney Guenther can answer your questions about bankruptcy and determine whether you're a good candidate for debt relief under bankruptcy's protection- call us today to get started.

3 Benefits of a Free Bankruptcy Consultation From Our Law Firm

1. You won't have to pay anything out-of pocket to speak with a knowledgeable Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer when you call our office at 301-475-3106. Since there's no financial risk involved, you're free to ask whatever questions are most pressing or concerning to you regarding bankruptcy. At a time when so often 'free' doesn't mean what it implies, our free telephone consultation is exactly that: no cost to you.

2. Requesting free advice from our bankruptcy lawyer in Southern Maryland doesn't come with strings attached; in fact, there's no obligation to hire our law firm, even if you decide to file for bankruptcy as a result of information provided by our attorney. Our no-cost call is our way of meeting the needs of our community and we welcome your phone call and bankruptcy questions.

3. If you're confused about the benefits of Southern Maryland Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Southern Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can clear up some of the myths you may have heard when you reach out to us. As well, we'll provide more information to help you better understand the unique benefits you'll experience when we file for bankruptcy on your behalf. If you're dealing with any type of debt situation, whether it's high-interest credit card debt or harassing phone calls from creditors, we'll help you find a resolution that is tailored to your needs.

What Debts Are Forgiven Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Due to conflicting information on the Web, you may be surprised to learn how many different types of debt are erased through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Medical debt and credit card debt are widely known as dischargeable debts under the protection of Chapter 7, but many of our clients also qualify for some or all of the following debt dissolutions:

  • Collection agency accounts
  • Past due amounts from utility bills
  • Student loans, when hardship can be proven
  • Some business debts
  • Repossession deficiencies
  • Revolving charge accounts
  • VA assistance loans
  • SS overpayments

Our law firm will be happy to assess your income and financial status to determine whether you'll benefit from filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The easiest way to get started is by requesting a free bankruptcy consultation in Southern Maryland; call 301-475-3105 and we'll set up a time for our phone call that is convenient for you. Create a helpful checklist or compile a few questions you'd like for us to answer before making your call to our law office to take full advantage of our time together.

Free Bankruptcy Consultation Southern Maryland
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Free Bankruptcy Consultation Southern Maryland
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Free Bankruptcy Consultation Southern Maryland

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