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CFO Services by Scine & Associates

Unlocking Financial Excellence with Scine & Associates, LLC

At Scine & Associates, LLC, we recognize that a CFO’s effectiveness hinges on a strong foundation—a team adept at constructing precise financial statements. Our commitment lies in providing specialized teams dedicated to maintaining your books and records in real-time.

Bookkeeping Functions:

  1. Banking Team: Our diligent professionals visit all bank and credit card accounts within your portfolio every two days, ensuring they remain up-to-date and accurate.
  2. Accounts Payable Team: We meticulously oversee your A/P process through platforms like, ensuring swift and efficient processing of all accounts payable.
  3. Accounts Receivable Team: To keep your cash flow steady, our team generates regular and recurring invoices, facilitating seamless financial operations.

Controllership Functions:

  1. General Ledger Review: Our experts meticulously prepare and reconcile balance sheet accounts, ensuring accuracy and alignment with supporting workpapers.
  2. Monthly Close Process: We diligently track the closing process, ensuring timely and precise financial reporting.
  3. Software Sync Specialist: In today’s dynamic landscape, relying solely on traditional methods is insufficient. Our specialists monitor software syncing between various systems and the general ledger, ensuring seamless integration.

CFO Functions:

While 90% of small businesses may not require a CFO, we recognize that your financial success demands more. You need an in-depth, dependable, flexible, and timely cash flow schedule. Our thoughtful approach ensures your financial stability and growth.

Discover the Scine & Associates difference—where financial excellence meets strategic foresight.


Government Accounting

& CFO Services

GovCon by Scine & Associates

Navigating Compliance with Precision

At Scine & Associates, LLC, we recognize the unique financial landscape faced by government contractors. Our specialized accounting services are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). Whether you’re a small business or a seasoned contractor, our team ensures that your financial systems align seamlessly with government regulations.

Our Comprehensive Offerings:

  1. DCAA-Compliant Bookkeeping:
    • Real-Time Record Keeping: Our expert teams maintain your books while keeping in mind your specific cost pools (Fringe / G&A / Overhead) , ensuring compliance with DCAA guidelines.
    • Real-Time Banking Team: Regularly updating bank and credit card accounts to keep your financial data current with the necessary approval process of receipts and payments.
    • Real -Time Accounts Payable Team: Swift processing of accounts payable through platforms like with a complete setup of approvals and segregation of duties.
    • Time Entry Monitoring:  Setup and monitoring of time entry system and tracking staff time entry as needed.
  2. Controllership Functions:
    • General Ledger Review: Rigorous reconciliation of balance sheet accounts and cost pool needs supported by meticulous workpapers.
    • Monthly Close Process: Timely tracking and execution of the closing process using InstaGantt for transparency.
    • Software Sync Specialists: Monitoring software synchronization between systems and the general ledger.
  3. Thoughtful GovCon CFO Services:
    • Cash Flow Management: Many government contractors require up front cash for operations before the contract allows for payment. Our system allows for quick reporting to upper management, banks and funding partners to ensure operations run efficiently.
    • Cost Pool Rate Structure Monitoring:  Contractors must monitor their rate structures to look for overbilling or underbilling for cost plus contracts. This is one of the many processes critical for long term success as a government contractor.

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